About Us

Elliebot Farms is an urban micro-farm owned and operated by the Connor Family (Adam, Emily and Ellie). We specialize in year-round microgreen and sprout production. We are located in Pickering, ON and our focus is on producing food that is locally grown, sustainable, healthy, nutritious and most importantly tasty!

All of our products are harvested to order, for super-freshness, when you place your order we plant the seeds! All orders will be delivered the same day as harvesting, typically 7-9 days later. Subscriptions are available for a weekly delivery (Tuesdays), if you want to leave a cooler on your porch we will put your Microgreens in it, easy peasy. 

You can also find us on Tuesdays during the summer at the Pickering Farmers Market!

Thanks for shopping local and supporting small business.